DCARC Repeater Sites

The DCARC Repeaters are available for any licensed operator to use. We currently maintain 2 active VHF repeaters in Door County.

Active Repeaters

Sturgeon Bay: The W9DOR/R repeater has it’s antenna located at 460 ft. on the WDOR-FM tower, which covers most of Door County, parts of Northern Kewaunee County, and reaches across the bay into Oconto County, WI and parts of Menominee County, MI. The Kenwood repeater has an output frequency of 147.21 Mhz (input 147.81) and PL tone of 107.2.

Sister Bay: Located on a tower just north of Sister Bay, the antenna at 300 ft. covers a portion of northern Door County and Washington Island. Using the call sign W9DOR, the Motorola MTR-2000 repeater has an output frequency of 147.18 (input 147.78) and PL tone of 100.0.